Bruno Out-Sider Meridian Lift for Power Chairs and Scooters

Powered Scooter, Power Chair, or Wheelchair Exterior Platform Lift
Model ASL-250 The Bruno 250 Out-Sider Meridian Lift is the most rugged, reliable and versatile exterior power chair or scooter lift for the back of your SUV, minivan, full-size van, sedan, CUV or pick-up truck. This vehicle lift is operable with the touch of a button and secures your power chair or scooter automatically to the back of your vehicle. There are also exterior-grade retractable belts or straps available for extra security. The Bruno Outsider Meridian folds up and has a swing-away option for easy access to the back door or hatch of the vehicle. The Bruno 250 Out-Sider Meridian is height-adjustable, angle-adjustable and has an emergency back-up sound safety feature when in reverse. Check out more of the Bruno 250 Out-Slider Meridian features below. With a three-year warranty, the Bruno Out-Sider is truly one of the best power chair and scooter lifts AMS Vans offers!

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